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"Organization Made Easy"

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Get Organized!
...and make it look easy
We offer nuts-and-bolts solutions to help you
manage your time and organize your surrounding.
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A Variety of Resources
Through the books, blog,
newsletter, and social media,
you receive regular reinforcement.
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Why Get Organized?

Less stress
Feeling of being “in control”
Life becomes easier
You get more done
The important things get done
You save money
You can find things
Others can count on you
You are ready to take advantage of new opportunities
Frank Buck


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Organization made easy
Do you want to approach the day feeling in control and with peace of mind?
If so, we have something for you.

We believe organization should be easy.
We believe simple systems allow us to manage complex demands.
We believe organization & time management are essential to high productivity/low stress.

Organization & Time Management Solutions

Workshops, Seminars, Keynotes

All sessions are “nuts-and-bolts.” You don’t get theory. You get what works. When is the last time you heard a keynote which changed the way you work every day? You can take what you learn today and implement it immediately. Choose from a variety of titles.

One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to “walk a mile in your shoes” with you, to see first-hand what your environment is like, and to match their knowledge with your need. That’s where one-on-one coaching becomes invaluable. Your days are busy, but they need not be as stressful as they are right now. Get organized and make it look easy!

Communication & Planning

Trying to move your organization forward and need a plan that will keep everyone in the loop? Learn how to leverage technology to establish simple, effective, and fun communication systems between you and your team. Make meetings more productive. Learn how to set, track, and achieve goals and become a master at follow-through,


Retention requires review. After our face-to-face to time, follow-up through books, our newsletter, articles, and social media. Visit this site often to polish your game.

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Time Management Statistics

Medical expenditures which are stress related 80%
People who check email in bed 50%
What we keep and never use 80%
Meeting time wasted 50%


  • “Great workshop. Fabulously well informed and entertaining presenter who shared his knowledge in a readily understandable format. Helpful handout. Thank you – well worth the trip from Ottawa.
    Principal - Ottawa
  • “I will put it unequivocally: yours is the first workshop for professional development I have been to that has had a daily effect on lowering my stress levels and being more aware of the things I need to do on a daily basis. I cannot thank you enough.”        
    Principal - from Quebec
  • “Everyday is now easier knowing I know where my day is going and not worrying over where everything is. The simplicity is almost embarrassing. Thank you again. I waited about 6 months to let you know, but this only proves that I’m walking proof your techniques work long term. “
    Principal - from Quebec
  • “Excellent presentation. Dr. Frank Buck is friendly, interesting, and knowledgeable. Well done! This seminar was amazing.”                   “You changed my life!”
    Principal - from United States
  • “…the nation’s leading expert on organization and time management for school administrators.”  
    Justin Baeder - Director, The Principal Center
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