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A Better Way to Use Your Journal

If you organize your life with paper and like the Bullet Journal idea, these 3 short videos will give you what I think is a better way to journal....
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Check Out This Review of Get Organized!

"I hope Get Organized! soon becomes required reading in education and administrative classes." See what this reader is talking about in this review....
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  • Time management system

Anything Works…at First

Do you keep changing from one productivity system to another? Here's the secret to why each one succeeds for a little while and then fails....
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The Three-Legged Stool of Organization

Three simple tools can give you the control over your day for which you have longed and the peace of mind that nothing has been forgotten....
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Organize Your Desk the Easy Way

Here's how to organize the inside of the desk. You will have room for what you need and you can find what you need.Learn what to put where....
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Talking “Tasks” with Robby Burns

In this interview, I join Robby Burns on his podcast to discuss managing tasks digitally. While Robby is a band director, our talk has universal appeal....
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  • Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day!

Writing the same email replies over and over could make you feel like your trapped in the movie "Groundhog Day." Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome saves time and frustration....
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How to Clear the Desk Clutter

Are your desk drawers the victim of desk clutter? We'll empty what's there, find better places to put some of it, fix what's broken, & organize what's left....
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  • Goals

Christmas Letters from the Future

Setting long-term goals has always been an important theme in time-management literature. try this simple technique to make 2015 amazing....
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  • Productivity Secrets

7 Productivity Secrets for Educators

Are you considering a digital task list? Here are the 7 elements you should look for as you make your choice....
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