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  • Kindergarten graduation ideas

“When I Grow Up…” My Favorite Idea For Kindergarten Graduation

Watching students grow from kindergarten to middle school is a heart-warming experience for elementary principals. Here is an idea that helps bring back kindergarten memories for the rising middle schoolers....
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  • Uses for Evernote

7 of the Most Practical Uses for Evernote

Evernote allows you access to your information from anywhere. But what information might that be? Here are 7 suggested uses for Evernote to get you started....
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  • Time Management

Want More Focus? Try Batching Communication

This post shows how to improve your time management through batching communication. It's the gift to your organization that turns fragmentation into focus. ...
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  • time management

Why This is the Book Study for You

Want to get organized and improve your time management? This book study and online course make it easy. Includes membership in a private Facebook group. ...
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How to Follow Up

We all know people we must follow up. We stay behind, remind, and remind again. Moreover, we need a system to make it easy....
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  • Why You Should Start Buying Your Christmas Presents Now

Why You Should Start Buying Your Christmas Presents Now

Why do you wait until the madness of December to buy your presents? This strategy to help planning for Christmas will make the busy holidays less hectic....
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  • More Than Music

More Than Music: Tales from a Teacher’s Heart

Good music programs teach students more than music, as this video shows. March is "Music in Our Schools Month." What is your school doing to spotlight it?...
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I Was Slammed!

What do you do when your calendar takes a sudden unexpected hit? The feeling can be overwhelming. These three tips can keep you in control....
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  • Get Organized

Why This Will Be Your “Go-To” Manual

See why this reader called Get Organized! your "go-to manual" after implementing the tools and techniques and how it could do the same for you....
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A Better Way to Use Your Journal

If you organize your life with paper and like the Bullet Journal idea, these 3 short videos will give you what I think is a better way to journal....
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