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A Few of the Organizations With Whom We Have Worked

What People Are Saying

  • “This morning when I returned to the office I did my first ever drag and drop to my calendar on Outlook – wahoo! The tickler file will come next week!”
    Principal - United States
  • “One of the most informative sessions I have been to in 5 years.”
    Participants - from United States
  • “I saw your presentation at the ASCD conference in New Orleans and was blown away. Please send me your monthly email essays.”
    Principal - from ASCD
  • “One of my professional goals is to be more organized and to manage time more effectively. This hit the target.” “Thank you. These are tools I can and will use! WHEW!”
    Principal - United States
  • “I really loved the presentation!! Dr. Buck very thorough and entertaining. Great, practical ideas and the Faculty Club was a great setting! Well done!!”
    Principals - Montreal
  • “I loved this seminar!! Very, very well presented. Clear, logical, Dr. Buck was enthusiastic and witty. Very practical information that I will put to use immediately.”
    Principal - Montreal
  • “This might very well be some of the most useful, timely and necessary professional learning I’ve done in years. Thank you!”
    Principal - Montreal
  • “Dr. Buck did a great job. I learned LOTS of things about Outlook that I did not know.” “Where have you been all my life? This is a great idea! Thank you so very much.” “FANTASTIC! One of the best I’ve been to! I could have stayed longer.”
    Participants - from United States
  • “Awesome ideas to get my life on track. Thank you so much!” “You changed my life!”
    Participants - from United States
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