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Free Tech Tools That Increase Productivity

Free Tech Tools That Increase Productivity

January 8, 2013

Technology can, and should, make our lives easier. This seminar shows you how.

  • Learn how you can organize all of your Internet resources in one place with a personalized homepage.
  • Learn how to access your information from anywhere with Dropbox.
  • Store reference information in the cloud with Evernote.
  • Change forever the way you think about paper forms with Google forms.
  • Put an end to forgetting. Trap voice notes on the fly with your mobile phone. Have them show up as text in your email or to-do list.

With the expanded seminar version, you will learn all of the above plus the following:

  • How to establish and maintain a good filing system on your computer.
  • How to backup your data easily. If your computer were to crash you will not lose valuable information.
  • How to communicate your message effectively through a blog.

In an hour, we can demonstrate the basics. In a full-day, hands-on session, participants create their own personalized homepages, Dropbox accounts, Evernote accounts, Google forms, and blogs.

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