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The 5 Keys to Organization & Time Management

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The 5 Keys to Organization & Time Management

January 10, 2013

Who would not like to get more done…and make it look easy? This seminar focuses on the 5 ingredients of a total system for managing time and organizing surroundings. Learn to focus on what is important while still handling multiple responsibilities.

  • Handle the papers. Your desktop can be clear while papers reappear at just the right time.

  • Adopt your own “signature tool,” either paper or digital, to organize all of your information in one place.

  • Put repeating tasks on “autopilot.” You will never worry about forgetting one again.

  • Manage the flood of incoming information. You will learn a simple way to document quickly and completely. You will learn how to get your email empty every day. You will also learn how to use your cell phone to record voice notes on the fly and turn them into text sent to your email.

  • Handle multiple projects.  You will have a system that tells you at a glance what is next on any project or goal, keeps all of the related information together, and prevents anything from falling through the cracks.

This “nuts-and-bolts” event provides tools and techniques which can be implemented immediately and will save you an estimate of one to two hours a day. You will accomplish more and experience less stress.


This workshop coupled with “Free Digital Tools That Increase Productivity” makes for a great full-day combination.  Any of the “5 Keys” can be presented as a stand-alone breakout session.

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