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Getting Your Act Together (Organization for Students)

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Getting Your Act Together (Organization for Students)

November 30, 2012

Do you know students who, in spite of high intelligent, have a tough time handling day-to-day school responsibilities? They forget their homework, lose their papers, and always seem to be in a rush in the mornings.  Why can’t they get their act together?


When students do poorly in school, the cause is often poor organizational skills. You can help them change that almost immediately. Learn the 5 habits that will help your students get their act together!

  • Writing things down. Use one tool, either paper or digital to trap all commitments in one place.
  • Breaking big projects down into little parts. The job which seems overwhelming looks easy when we break it down into small steps. Using the student planner, you will learn how.
  • Taming the book bag. A book bag can be a wonderful tool for keeping books and papers together. It can also be a large “black hole” into which all sorts of items disappear forever.
  • Learning to deal with papers. With the one-binder method and a regular routine of purging, students avoid the “paper avalanche.” With a simple digital filing system, students avoid electronic clutter as well.
  • Getting everything ready the night before. Avoid the morning “rush hour,” and avoid a great deal of unnecessary stress.
Two versions of this workshop are available…one for students and one for their teachers or parents.
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