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Get Organized in the Cloud

  • Time management training

Get Organized in the Cloud

November 30, 2012

Learn how to house your calendar, to-do list, reference information, and documents in the cloud and sync across all of your mobile devices. The capability is there now. Turn “capability” into your own “reality.” In a complex world, you can be productive and make it look easy.


Participants will learn the following concepts:

  • How to keep multiple calendars in Google Calendar and sync them across your mobile devices.
  • How to use Toodledo to organize your tasks across all of your devices.
  • How Google Contacts will serve as the one and only address/phone list you will ever need. Have data on all of your contacts from anywhere.
  • How Evernote allows you to keep a wealth of reference information at your fingertips.
  • How to get the e-mail Inbox empty every day.
  • How to use Dropbox to access and work on documents from anywhere.
  • How to find anything, and why searching makes digital organization the only way to go.

Get Organized in the Cloud” can be presented as a break-out session, a full-day hands-on event, or customizable anywhere between.

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